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Audio Elite - Launches NEW Website

We are pleased to announce that we have just launched our new website up! Thanks to repeat customers, we don't lean on our website heavily here at Audio Elite, and used to consider it more of an extended business card.

Now "Fast Forward" Spring of 2015,we are putting more stock into it. With so many AV companies out there...we wanted to make sure you all clearly know how to find us. We are in a happy place, and find ourselves very excited about some of the most recent "Home Electronics, Products & Solutions" that are now being offered. These newly available to the market products are straight up "Game Changers" in our professional opinion. These products and offerings will set the tone for Home Automation, Networks, Wifi, and Wireless Audio and the advancement of such. "Todays home is well on it's way to being the home of the future."

We hope that we can peak the interest of you the Homeower, you the Home Builder & General Contractor/s, as well as you, the Business Owner/s.

Please be sure to check back soon for informative updates, as well as future promotions.

We think the addition of the "Blog" element will prove to be a valuable tool.

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