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This day and age with advances in technology, not only has Audio/Video equipment evolved and has the quality of movies, along with TV shows!

In a quality Home Theater and/or Surround Sound environment action based movies..."Really shine!" Immerse yourself in the moment!

Audio Elite LLC knows how to "Create the Magic" / Consult with us today!

- Not sure your system is performing 100%?

- Does your Surround Sound sound weird or off?

- Does your equiment need and upgrade?

- Is your equipment out-dated?

- Firmware/Software Updates needed? Are you seeing Pop-ups Onsceen?

- TV's getting old? TV's using to much electricity?

Audio Elite LLC can help!

We do system repairs, updates & upgrades, as well as "Tune-Ups, Tuning & Tweaking" of Home Theaters, HDTV's, & overall Audio Video systems.

PH: (603) 432-9867

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